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Friday, June 05, 2009


Actually, my understanding of the "thinking" of our political and military leaders was immeasurably clarified by this quote:

"ANG bands are helping to create a positive impression of the United States by performing in communities for people who have perhaps never met an American before, or whose only impressions of America and Americans are from movies and the media," said Col. Patrick Jones, chief of Air National Guard Bands.

See, they really don't have any real basis for hating us, just some movies they saw, so all we need to do to win their hearts and minds is to show them a different movie. You know, instead of the movie where the President says, "Bring 'em on!" we'll play them the movie where the President says "As-Salamu Alaykum." That should do the trick, right?

Sadly, yes.

This speech hit an all time high for hypocrisy...ex: "..killing of innocent civilians is always wrong...", "..we cannot get bogged down in history.." (except D-day history), and, "peace be upon you in your US backed dictatorship".

I almost forgot---"free the women" and let them be mommies in chief and plant organic gardens...

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