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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Oh, John, you are so right about this. That was a wonderful post.

I'd count this as a useful contribution to the perennial "Stupid, crazy or lying?" debate.

Myself, I always pick "stupid" and/or "crazy" over "lying", because I'm convinced that those in power almost always believe the shit they're saying (no matter how stupid or crazy it is.) Before I'll go for "lying" I need to see some actual evidence that the person in question is not a true believer (like leaked confidential documents or the accounts of insiders.)

Definitely a handy example to have ready when some people try to claim that Obama doesn't really believe the shit he's saying. Blair must have had his apologists, too: "Oh, Tony doesn't really want to invade Iraq, he's just being pressured to do so by the Bush administration."

Personally I always took Blair to be one of the most accomplished liars in public office in recent memory, so I was shocked to hear there's anything he genuinely believes in.

"Some people" are never going to get it, though I admire your willingness to marshal on anyway in the face of such clairvoyance about what goes on in Obama's secret heart of hearts.

I don't know. Reading the Bible, especially the Old Testament, it seems pretty apparant that good ol' Jehovah is A-OK with the mass murder and slaying stuff. Tony is just His faithful instrument.

Damn your accurate hide! I'll thank you not to bring up the glaring inconsistencies I intentionally ignore while I'm writing these postings, please.

Personally I always tell Christians that I believe in Christ's philosophy but not his deity, which handily avoids that little problem.

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