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Friday, May 01, 2009


Let's not forget Obama's rather interesting way of phrasing the U.S. government's long, sordid history of raping and pillaging Latin America: "The United States, obviously, has a history in this region that's not always appreciated from the perspective of some."

Yes, apparently "some" people's "perspective" leads them to "not always appreciate" things like, say, overthrowing democratically elected governments and propping up military dictators so U.S. corporations can enjoy a plentiful supply of cheap bananas. Clearly these lunatics just don't understand the good intentions of the U.S.

What were you saying about "unbelievably sanctimonious assholes"?

Yes, that was a classic quote as well; I'd originally planned to stuff it in here somewhere but left it out for space. Also, it was so mealy-mouthed that I initially thought there was an outside chance he'd intended to castigate the countries in Latin America for failing to appreciate U.S. contributions in the region.

Running it through the Analogizer: "Germany, obviously, has a history with the Jews that's not always appreciated from the perspective of some."

You missed El Salvador, and you didn't even make it to South America! I guess including the whole list of "historic suspicions" (Jesus Christ, what a phrase) would probably have made this post too long. And what a sad, sad thought that is.

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