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Friday, April 17, 2009


Will you just move on! Look to the future. Stop living in the past...or, as Chris Matthews said, at Obama's inaugeration, "It's morning in America"!

Got Hope?

But, then, he also said, that if you didnt "tear up" at Obama's speeches , you "werent a real 'Merkin"

You don't think Obama's going to actually do something after the release of these torture memos? He declared them unlawful after all-oh wait, never mind, I forgot Obama's supposed to be a fascist and we're all supposed to riot until Chomsky gets to be leader of the free world. I'm just going to back away slowly.. but I'll leave you with this and I quote:


These two quotes are especially important:

"Obama has announced that he does not believe those acts to be legal and has put a stop to them, but he should not go after the "rank and file" who were assured that their actions were legal."

All we ought to do now is speak up and encourage Obama to prosecute those responsible.

Jenny: I can't quite make sense of what you've written, but it looks like an awkward and misguided attempt at sarcasm. And I take it this...:

You don't think Obama's going to actually do something after the release of these torture memos?

...was supposed to be an incredulous expression of disbelief that I'd doubt Obama's willingness to prosecute the torturers—right? If so, you might want to try reading what he actually wrote:

In releasing these memos, it is our intention to assure those who carried out their duties relying in good faith upon legal advice from the Department of Justice that they will not be subject to prosecution.

No, I meant he'll do something in the way of discontinuing torture. Hence my sentence:"All we ought to do now is speak up and encourage Obama to prosecute those responsible."

Yes, Jenny, that's why he's shut down Bagram and ended extraordinary rendition. Oh, wait...

Speaking of Obama, this is from an article in today's NY Times, Despite Major Plans, Obama Taking Softer Stands:

Mr. Obama’s top aides dismiss suggestions that he has shied from confrontation, saying they ignore his achievements, the need to move quickly to address economic woes and the fights he has picked against some big interest groups in Washington, including components of the Democratic base, like organized labor.

See? He's not afraid to take on powerful interests, just look at how he's stood up to organized labor! Why, I haven't seen such an inspiring demonstration of political courage since Bill Clinton took on the powerful welfare-mom lobby.

C'mon, John, don't hold our First Gentleman responsible for what he said six whole hours ago! Don't live in the past! We need to move boldly forward into the ... uh... uh.. what was the beginning of the sentence again? It was so long ago I can't be held responsible for it.

Okay,never mind, I'll shut up,but I honestly would like to see all of you at the white house, rioting in the streets, it'd be exciting!! :)

Jenny, we already have a bunch of dirty America-hating reds rioting in the streets, screaming against our country and our president. They call them "teabag parties" or something, which sounds pornographic as well as anti-American. Isn't that exciting enough for you?

Well then, why sit there? Challenge them and start your own protest. All I'm saying is do something!

Are you the same "Jenny" at A Tiny Revolution and Lenin's Tomb?

Jenny's right. Why, the last time the left held a major protest was all the way back on April 4, with a UFPJ-coordinated national day of action against the Iraq war. About 10,000 people marched in New York, about 400 here in Madison, etc... But that was almost three weeks ago! Lazy fuckers, get off your asses and protest! Now! Do it for Jenny.

Jenny is one of Chip Berlet's lackeys. Just another left-ish gatekeeper out rehabilitating the Donkle around the interwebtubez.

Best ignored, else you get sucked into the distractive pseudo-observations left by Colonel Jenny Sparks, US Fraud Corps.

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