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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The New York Times reported this with the headline: "Iran Launches Satellite in a Challenge for Obama", and the very first sentence was: "Iran has fired a satellite into orbit and a shot across the bow of American diplomacy."

Because it's always about us, doncha know.

Why, they even named the damn thing "Hope." Can't we sue for trademark infringement?

And speaking of the threat posed to the U.S. by better cellphone reception - or better TV reception, in this case:

Brooklyn Man Jailed for Distributing Lebanese TV Channel

In other media news, a Pakistani American who owns a satellite TV company in Brooklyn has pleaded guilty to providing material aid to a terrorist organization. Javed Iqbal was accused of providing the aid by letting customers receive broadcasts from a Lebanese TV station tied to Hezbollah. Prosecutors said Iqbal used satellite dishes on his Staten Island home to distribute television broadcasts of Al Manar. Iqbal faces up to six-and-a-half years in prison. He has lived in the United States for twenty years and is the father of five children

And how were those terroristical broadcasts being delivered? By satellite (nudge, nudge).

There's an inspired joke about disarmament, the new rabid style of western diplomacy and shuttlecocks lurking amid this new development...but I got nothing.

The headline writers of the world have been all over it like ugly on a monkey (though it's not exactly what anyone would call inspired).

I heard the spot about Iqbal as well, and I have to assume he pleaded "guilty" because if he hadn't he'd have faced an even more draconian sentence. It's good to know that in this free country of ours we're being protected from such dangerous points of view.

Yes, I'm sure Sami Al Arian came up in the discussion between prosecutors and Mr. Iqbal's attorneys, as in, "Sami Al Arian was innocent, and where did that get him?"

This is a little bit "off-topic", but, I got this email from--this guy I dont know and have never heard of. and I thought maybe someone here would be interested , or , perhaps , go the same email themselves. I have not clicked on the link, fearing it to be a Trojan or a virus...what do you think??

I hope i can get it all i here;;;(the email)MJ

With the new administration in DC, there have been some fascinating
transformations in mainsteam media. I seldom watch TV anymore, but prefer
to search online for what I want to find out. So it's rather amusing to see
the big media squirm with the realization that the Bush empire was so short,
unless you count the grooming efforts to prepare ol' Jeb Bush for next time.
It's fun to watch the dominant images change color in advertising
everywhere, simultaneously. What a hoot!

Not even the biggest of the big -- former home of Walter Kronkite -- namely
CBS News and their flagship 60Minutes is unaffected. It seems that their
editors and fact-checkers have taken leave of their senses and now just want
to pander to the "change" and it's most noticeable in their reporting on the
Arab-Israeli struggles, where CBS 60Minutes has decided to mouth Palestinian
propaganda, without the least effort at saving their own -- CBS's former --

With the internet at our disposal, it's easier to double-check claims
whenever something looks fishy, such as the recent Bob Simon (60Minutes)
special on the West Bank. So I've written an in-depth analysis of the total
cave-in of CBS in their coverage of the Palestinan-Israeli current conflict.
It's at but I wanted to simply alert you to
what total nonsense is going to be coming your way since 60Minutes is a
major determinant in broadcasting in the USA.

CBS's editors and fact-checkers may have abdicated their responsibility and
now simply mouth Palestinian propaganda -- such as, that the Israeli
settlers get all the Palestinian water to keep their hilltop fortresses and
kibbutzes green, or that respectable Palestinian doctors with no criminal
background cannot travel to Jerusalem because of Israeli autocratic border
closing to disrupt Palestinian civic functioning. CBS blythely ignores the
fact that Palestinian officialdom refused to participate in the building of
the waterlines thereby necessitating ordinary Palestinians to pay the full
costs of their water services instead of the usual split between community
based-tax funding and personal usage billing, which burdens the poor of the
West Bank with high water prices. All of which leads to CBS scenes of poor
people while CBS somehow missed the rich Palestinians with swimming pools.
And the good doctor who wasn't allowed passes into Jerusalem in the CBS
example "neglected" to mention (and CBS never checked?) that he was related
to a political problem with some terrorist the Israelis have been refusing
to swap. Gee, how could we expect them to remember something so minor an
impediment to his getting his passes!

But CBS's theatrical side hasn't lost its touch, even if the editors have
succumbed. The cover image for Bob Simons' special feature video is some
Palestinian traditionally clothed woman, all demure and docile with doleful
eyes, whose only significance was as the woman in the shadows at some
Palestinian banker's apartment who never says a word, just looks captive.
In contrast CBS devotes several scenes baiting some outdoor burly female
kibbutz leader, challenging her with peace-settlement conditions as comments
and then gleefully recording her adamant rejection of those conditions that
would evict the settlers from their homes in teh West Bank. To complete the
feminine puppet show, CBS interviews Livni, the Israeli Foreign Minister --
a slim, athletic, brusque military female archetype -- presenting her with
the settlers' objections to Israeli negotiations in order to drive a wedge
into the relationship between settlers and Israeli citizens, promising
future bloodshed among Israeli soldiers and the settlers. Strictly
pandering to darker appetites for bloody scenes and drama between the women
leaders. The favoritism for the doleful, docile type seems rather apparent.
Amazing comment on CBS cultural ideas.

Curious how this CBS focus on the West Bank is so completely contrasting
with the scenes where the action was at the moment in time that CBS put this
show on. The action was all in GAZA, not the West Bank. Gaza is totally
run by the Palestinian Hamas, the death-dealing terrorist group who use
women and children as human shields for their military operations against
Israel and whose leaders unbelievably proudly harangue crowds to supposedly
offer women and children the opportunity to be heroic, whether they want to
or not, apparently according to the video captured by some Italian member of
YouTube. Palestinian supporters try to spin the idea that the gunmen (in
the YouTube filmclip) running from Israeli defense troops, who grabs some
kid out of a crowd crouching on the street and drags him away, is trying to
'save' the kid. The kid is just dangling by his backpack straps while the
gunmen hustles along the street. Guess he thought the kid was safer tagging
along with him -- the target the Israelis were shooting at -- some savior.

Some Palestinians may be enthralled with Hamas and their gruesome tactics
that knee-cap objectors and inspire fear all around -- like Patti Hearst
joining her kidnappers -- but hundreds of Palestinians still attempt to
breach the Egyptian borders in spite of the Egyptian guards, who respond by
firing at any Palestinian escapees and summoning hundreds of Egyptian
reinforcements to re-seal the border. Some Arab brotherhood! This gem of
reality was reported on CNN online at least.

The CNN news story and these other openly internet-viewed and reported
factual events just sort of skipped CBS's notice, as did any other mention
of Palestinian activity in Gaza when they at CBS had such an art-piece on
the West Bank. This CBS 'blindness' is in spite of the fact that CBS did
notice that the Israelis now had their own YouTube channel where the
Israelis showed mission video of strikes on rocket launchers in Gaza that
the Palestinians had hidden behind hospitals, schools and mosques -- using
UN and local people as human shields -- of course, the intelligencia prefer
to spin this pattern as 'embedment', nice military jargon for tantalizing
anyone listening with a fancy term so they'll be distracted from the skirts
of women, children, some praying people and a lot of injured hospital
patients. Israelis traditionally air-drop (and send cell-phone alert)
messages to warn civilians of impending action in their area. The videos
show the airstrike hit the ground, followed by a momentary pause before the
munitions hidden at the site go off like gigantic fireworks all at once.
CBS tried to spin that one in an online text article as evidence that the
Israeli airstrikes were not as 'surgical' as the IDF were claiming. One
wonders just what sort of surgeons CBS was talking about.

The links to these videos and articles are at the site referenced above for
anyone wanting to see for themselves. They were dug up by my son in his own
interest in foreign affairs and the use of videographic evidence. My focus
is on truth in broadcasting because, as a mathematical decision analyst,
accurate representations of reality are important for simulations. The
women's issues involved in CBS' puppet show were fascinating in the light of
the last US elections' demonstrated lack of progress for women as
respect-worthy politicians. You betcha!

MJ Raichyk

NOw, is has disappeared from my "save"...propaganda..

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