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Friday, January 09, 2009


As difficult as they are to see, thankd for the links to the sites and photos...

I wish I could see Palestine and meet these people...laughter is often all you have to survive, in such situations. From US media,. you would think that they were sub-human. In truth, people living under such horros long term, usually develop an empathy for others' pain--that is my experience...

I hesitate to post this, as someone may say athat i am "supporting a 'terrorist'", but, when I heard that one of the 9/11 hijackers had been in the uS for years, and, had gone out one night "just to hear someone talk about something spiritual, anything besides making money", (and had failed to find it)I could somewhat understand what he was saying! I am not condoning violence. I am just saying that the uS has , somehow, lost its moral foundations.(If we ever had any) I am not talking religion. I am talking about basic human empathy and compassion.

I wish I knew how we could all get it back...

We're so divorced from basic human empathy that we get a vicarious frisson of power whenever our government is blowing the shit out of the latest ultimate evil threat to our very existence, with no consideration for the lives of those under the bombs.


I dont think that he meant the proverbial "we". I think he meant the uS, which, whether we like it or not, its citizenry pay taxes fot these killing machines everyday. Everywhere.

I know you meant that you dont "enjoy" it , nor ignore it...

Here is a socialist
perspective, if anyone is interested:

A socialist answer to the Gaza crisis
10 January 2009


How are things going? I know that, the conditions , on the ground, are only getting worse. I just wondered if you found out how your friends are doing. I dont know anyone very well who lives there. My sister live in NYC, and knows many. But, since she lost her 401k, she has been a proffessor at TWO universities, as her husband is 69, and needs to reitre, for heart. (he's alot older than she)

So she doesnt have as much time for her friends. Do you have any inside info? Thanks..Wish you well

Nope, no inside info yet. I'll write and see.

Nope, no inside info yet. Thanks for the concern, though.

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