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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Just wait until we , like , totally disapprove of Pakistan and stuff---its a secret plot to pull the people behind their governemtns. Its worldwide.

If somone keeps you from needed food, water, oil, etc, and, that not being enough humiliation, decides to launch a full scale US bought and paid for invasion on your village of stone huts, why would you support the ones who oppose them?

Silly people...

The Post is in the grip of stupidity.

We seem to be in the grip of monarch---did anyone see/hear (I hear it next door all the time), cnn's little diatribe about how kids are "learning from Obama"?? They are parroting his words! "They show a sophistication beyond their years"--no they dont!! And wtf saays tha that is GOOD anyway!

Solve your own fricking problems, adults!)

They say the exact same words he does, they wear t-shirtts with his face on it,(well, an unreasonable facsimile) and they read comic books with him the star...the marketing of the czar..if I were him, I'd try to have more dignity about the whole thing---but , once youve sold your old logo to Pepsi...Remember "Buy the World a Coke" and "Pepsi Generation"? Gawd, everyone I knew thought it was corporate assholism!

A monarch? There are elements of the Obama mania that remind me of North Korea. Bleh.

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