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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Thanks!! I had a link to the group of anti-draft students in Israel, but Israel is investigating them for WAR CRIMES and shut down theri site!! I couldnt believe it--I will get teh link to the article, and, Jewish Voice for Peace. I will check out your links.

Sorry typos--RA acting up...

It flagged my post as SPAM--I wouldnt doubt it. Alof of Palestinian sites havwe been shut down, and, "dis-linked" by google anx yahoo. Popel can deny it al they want, but its true.

Some just disappeared!!!

sorry--RA is horribel. Better get off. I will pray, and, I am an agnostic...

It seems fascist. Is it Stocklhom syndrome?

i clicked on jewssansfrontiers here at work and got this:

"Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

The Websense category "Racism and Hate" is filtered."

so folks, if you're jewish and oppose the gaza invasion, your racist and hateful. (less likely than that the presence of the word 'jews' in the URL triggered an automatic filter, but still possible.)

read "you're" for "your."

What Israel is doing, not you. I wish I knew which link I tried to post had SPAM in it...maybe even a Trojan. They were mostly Jewish for Peace sites, as well as a End teh Occupation and a couple of Palestinians sites.

Censorship and Thanatos... Bad mix...


"Blood-Stained Monster Enters Gaza" by Uri Avnery

google is blocking some stuff too...I dont know why we have to put up with this sh*t...banned, blocked, censored. This is supposed to be the uS, for gawd's sake!! A-holes..

petey: Very interesting. Thanks for mentioning it.

KDelphi: There wasn't any spam in the links themselves, but the automated spam-flagging software TypePad uses probably thought the profusion of links meant that it was a spammer posting it. Computers still aren't perfect, sadly. In any case, I went ahead and published the comment (as you can see).

Thanks, John. I thought that maybe someone had put them on the sites, and, my vs didnt catch it. pc's always "double check" links, dont they?

in any case, my brother inlaw now says that Jewish Voice for peace is spouting Israeli propaganda..sigh. Sorry, if that is what it is...

The media is getting SO biased...they think that we are all so stupid. Too bad alot of people just believe stuff-like me. I TRY to "check things out".What does anyone else think of the sites?

For more info and insights about Gaza, please visit Gaza Siege

ruby--GD it!! My browser wont open the link?? Anybody know if Firefox does?I am sick to death of this crap!

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