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Friday, December 12, 2008


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the only thing more distressing than these reports are the obama defenders who either ignore or are wholly untroubled by them.

lover of jazz: Yes, what do they say now to replace what they said before November 4: "Well, he has to say those kinds of things in order to get elected. Just wait until he's in office."

Okay, I'm waiting.

But with the 2010 mid-term elections right around the corner, he has no choice!

Seriously, it does seem like the pain is palpable from Obama's leftmost supporters, and (to their credit) I haven't seen a lot of rationalizing. Not that it will make a difference in four years (or two), but it's good to see illusions being shattered so quickly.

it's good to see illusions being shattered so quickly

I'd rather have seen them shattered back when it might have made a difference. I really do get tired of people getting their illusions shattered and learning lessons every couple of years; it's bullshit. If they'd open their fucking eyes, instead of walking around like a bunch of mindless zombies, they wouldn't have any illusions to shatter, and maybe then we could get somewhere. Gah.

I don't want to spoil a good post with an aggrieved, selfish gripe, but those of us hoping to make ends meet through the development of the Wombat Condom would prefer to deploy it at home, first, before we take on the security needs of criminal governments. Some of us have made sacrifices, you see, and bear the scars of defending this great nation against hordes of furious, vicious, plague-ridden wombats. I can sympathize with the idealists who wish to extend it abroad. Their hearts are in the right place. But home is where the heart is supposed to be. Home, where the threat of wombats grows greater with each passing minute.

When that infamous 3 AM call comes, and the sky is filled with wombats, who among us wishes to tell the children that the Condom that could have saved them was... I'm sorry. So sorry. But this is an emotional issue for me.


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