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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Perhaps they think he's actually the president? Grand vizier? Co-president? Any of those would be an easy mistake to make. They might also be scared he's going to find them and shoot them in the face. If he does that to his friends, how terrible would his vengeance be when he's after enemies?

All undeniably good points. It's easy for me to toss pebbles; after all, I wasn't in the poll group.

I wonder how many of them would say that Cheney should be tried for war crimes...along withj Rummy, Rice, Dubya, etc.

23 (worst ever) + 41 (VERY poor) = 64 NOT goobs.

That raises them a notch or two, but I think it was just 41% "poor" (no "very"). So their goobish status is still dangerously borderline.

However, I missed the "34 percent rating him a good number two". That's exactly the form of human waste I'd use to describe him also, so maybe those people aren't so goobesque either.

Yes, but how many are assholes?

Wait a minute. "... the country's worst vice president." How many do we have? I thought that, like presidents, we only have one vice-president at a time.

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