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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey John--thanks to you for your work putting together this blog! I've been reading it for about a month now, since I got sick of Common Dreams turning into the Daily Kos. I see we share very similar opinions on national politics. I also live in SF and am very involved in local politics, which is not (quite) as depressing as the national scene. Keep up the good work, and Happy Thanksgiving!

my "family" fell into substance idiocy again.....pleeze wish me happy non-turkey day.........hope stupidly sprang again---but never again--eternal--thanks and xmas be better

Murderbird?! That's a wonderful, grim, funny, really grim neologism.

And just in case my mention of tofu created any misimpressions, I had some very tasty murderbird and gravy today.

I'm sorry I posted what I did--I wont bother no more

KDelphi: Not at all...sorry to hear you're having a rough day, and I hope things get better.

I enjoy this website very much and I always make a point of stopping by to check out your latest posting. Happy Thanksgiving and keep up the great work.

Hey, KDelphi, I do wish you a happy non-turkey day and I'm sorry to learn your hopes were dashed. I'm sorry, too, that I sailed right by your comment without at least wishing you well. I was so pleased at finding out about murderbird that blurted out the first thought I had. My best wishes to you and hopes for a better xmas.

John, I feel I should be able to like tofu, but I can't bring myself to treat it as anything other than a unhappy duty. I know many ways to prepare it. People who can enjoy it say I do that well. But... I find it grim in a non-funny, non-wonderful way. In the confessional spirit, I'm a murderbird-hater too. Not from any ethical objections, but thanks to having cooked several tons of it over the years. When I close my eyes, an endless train of stainless steel chafing dishes, burdened with sliced turkey, passes in front of me. It's probably just as well that I managed to weasel out of any holiday obligations.

John, yours is one of the first I turn to evary day. It's impassioned, but clear and to the point. If only, if only, yours and others could be circulated to the vast majority who believe in the ruling class and parrot their inane slogans. Sigh...

Thanks to you, John, and all I can add to what others have said is, like, Megadittos!

Thanks, peeps...I am, nonetheles, embarrassed..

A lot of intelligent people comment here--and me!

Humility is a fine personality trait, but there are two problems with your statement: 1) you're a math PhD candidate and 2) you haven't commented in about a month now.

I am a tofu-eater, but "Murderbird" is now the name of my new band.

you're welcome john. you're very welcome. [/'sly' icon]


I love reading this blog. I'm inclined toward dewey eyed hope sometimes and while that can be nice, clear eyed assessments of reality are also good.

Sorry, nothing good to say. As a vegan, I appreciate "murderbird." I think I will scream on this subject next Thanksgiving when I hose my loving relatives down with hog blood.

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