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Monday, November 10, 2008


John--good one. Morality is not relative, but I certainly have seen alot of rationalizing, when it comse to Team Obama. If a GOP (or even one of the Clintons)said somethe stuff Obama has--they would be screaming bloody murder.Summers? I know that they are not official (are they?), but , some are saying "Krugman and company should leave Obama alone"??

Sortve like that kid on YouTube--"leave Obana alone"!???

I thought they were going his feet toeh fire (that how they put it). I thoughty they were going to "hold his feet to the fire".I submittea "suggestion" to the "new transition site"--but it eve looks like the old Obama site. He has alwaasy taken questions, suggestions--buth they nefver seem to influence him. Wall St Bailout, FISA, erc.

Wheh I was a "dedicated Dem", I did alot of that--but, I just cant anynmore. I guess I fee like it makes me condesceding and stupid.

If its wrong , its wrong. But, they are still, like, "Well, he has to"! What bull.

If I hear Reagan once more--I will projectile puke.

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