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Saturday, October 18, 2008


After McCain made attacks on ACORN a focus of his campaign, ACORN offices have been vandalized and they've seen a large increase in threatening calls and emails. I posted a note about this on my local progressive-party list, including a Donate to ACORN link, and was encouraged to get a response right away from someone who said they used the link to make a donation. I hope others will do the same.

I'm mad that you pin the actions of some on an entire race.
I'm mad that so many white people think it's okay to blame the entire white race for any injustice.
I am white and I am sick of hearing this. You severely damage any cause if you unjustly tie it to one race as you have just done. I am white and I do nothing to harm anybody. I am a simple student. Don't insult me. You don't need my spite.

Chuck: You've misread what I've written, but it sounds like you should ask yourself why you've taken it so personally.

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