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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


LOL!! Good one...is it real?

Hell, why am I asking? I'm afraid, in this neighborhood to put the "I'm a Constitution Voter" from the ACLU bumper sticker on my car!

Someone stole my Kucinich sign, during the priamry. Just vandalism, probably.

But, the Obama campaigner who came yesterday said, "So he is too liberal for you?" (!!) "Ah, as a socialist or democratic socialist, no that is not the problem" But, that gives you and idea of the type of neighbrhood I am in. Basically, poor whites . Former working classes.

The ones Palin calls "joe six pack" , except, now they are "joe or jill 'pint if theye lucky'".

I suppose it would be great if I could campaign around here--I really do think Obama would be better for them, between the two. Maybe. But, I am not viewed as the most
"average" neighbor--I bought where I could afford, so I could get on Mediciad, to be honest. Oh, some of my close neighbors are fantastic people. But they are pretty fricking conservative, or, think they are.

Sure would be nice if Senator Obama had not alienated me with every vote he has made since he has been the nominee! Would be nice if some of his supporters werent so rabid about disagreement.

Sure WOULD be...

My favorite line in situations like that is "I'm a liberal, not a Democrat."

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