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Friday, August 01, 2008


It's equally heartening to see how many liberal bloggers, from The Editors to Bradrocket to Michael Bérubé, used this as an excuse to attack Noam Chomsky for expressing doubts about whether Milosevic completely knew about and ordered Srebrenica to happen while cheering and pumping his fist, or if perhaps other people took some initiative there too. Hardly a big thing, but it was enough to cause them to go ballistic about how horrible it was that this senile old coot would cast doubt on just how cosmically evil The New Hitler (Until the Next One) truly was.

Funny thing, though. Despite victors' justice, the US/NATO did not succeed in convicting Milosevic. From what I read, he defended himself rather effectively. The US doesn't even seem to be able to construct very efficient kangaroo courts, though I'm not sure that's not like being unfit to eat with the hogs.

Gnome: One of the things I'm thankful for is that my political awakening took place during Clinton's attack on Yugoslavia, because liberals and progressives were generally deeply snowed, and so it gave me an invaluable object lesson that the left could be just as gullible, manipulated, and vicious towards heretics as anyone else. It saved me a few years of illusions.

Duncan: Yeah, the problem with kangaroo courts is that the people who staff them are often burdened with principles and ethics that lead them to act with completely unwarranted fairness—so much so that even if they're a part of your own military, they may not go along with the program. Speaking generally, victor's justice often is justice...just carefully crafted and directed to net the right criminals.

As for Milosevic, even if his trial was never completed he did live the last years of his life in prison and die in an ICTY cell, so I doubt that the people who put him there are too unhappy with the result.

Agreed, John, but y'know, if Bush or Cheney Rumsfeld or Rice or Kissinger or Madeleine Albright or Bill Clinton were to live the last years of their lives in prison and die in an ICTY cell, even unconvicted, I wouldn't be too unhappy with those results.

Yeah, and ditto for Milosevic and Karadzic, really. I'd just like them to have company.

Oh, indeed. But Milosevic is already dead. And both of them are small potatoes compared to the moral giants I named.

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