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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Damn, John -- that post is so right on the money. You get a gold sticker.

John Caruso: And so it is with modern Democrats and their liberal fellow travellers, who want to latch parasitically onto "progressive" and suck it dry without embracing any of the principles...

This is only the logical consequence of 30+ years of Democrats trying to slip under a very low bar: years of Democrats saying "Vote for us because the other guys are Eeeeevil" rather than Democrats actually standing for something. Jimmy Carter, perhaps, maybe, had some substance to his positions, but ever since he got creamed by Ronald Reagan, the Democrats have done basically nothing but react to Republican positions. Sucking the government teat dry -- which involves active participation in imperialism and oppression at home, as you've shown many times -- meanwhile trying to convince voters that they are the marginally less evil option. Having it both ways -- in other words, lack of principles.

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