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Friday, May 30, 2008


FORCE CONGRESS TO IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENEY, call Nancy Pelosi @1-202-225-0100 and DEMAND IMPEACHMENT. DC business hours only, call often, and spread it around.

Hey lookitthis!

Dean Baker actually prints the "Arrrggggghhhhhhh" in his article today!

The Remedy Is Simple -- Raise Wages

Perhaps what makes economics so different from other 'sciences' is the degree of willful blindness to concrete evidence which its practitioners can adopt when the evidence contradicts their pet theories. I mean, tobacco scientists can deny a link between tobacco and cancer, but they can't just deny that all the lung cancer victims exist. A typical economist tends to just dismiss contrary evidence as a fluke. (Global warming deniers come in a close second, though.)

Yeah, I'm sure he feels that kind of pain as often as the fine folks at FAIR. It just goes to show that being sane isn't good for your sanity.

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