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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I feel so bad for the guy. He's really trying.

I never read the full Obama quote on Reagan, and the the same for the Gulf War quote. And yeah, we did deliberately target the civilian infrastructure. I used to bang away on that issue a few years ago, before we'd racked up hundreds of thousands of more bodies in Iraq now.

I think the biggest problem with the mainstream libs is this, and I sympathize with them in a way--there are just so many crimes in US history and they occur under both administrations that there just aren't any good guys in power, ever, and it's just too much to process. It's all they can do to realize that maybe some really nasty Republicans like Bush II and Nixon are or were war criminals. Their heads explode if you push the whole depressing bipartisan nature of the thing and they lash out or refuse to accept it. Once you start thinking in "pragmatic" political terms, voting for the lesser of two evils, it's really difficult not to start sliding down the slope where you rationalize or conveniently forget or don't notice the crimes of the chosen team. (I say this as a lesser of two evils voter in 2004 and probably this year, but I see it in Chomskyist terms---they both suck but one side is marginally worse.)

Obama sucks, look how outrageous he is VIDEO

see this Obama video too

Video of Obama is at the end of these videos. He is more of the same. I am voting for Nader because I am tired of this crap.

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