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Monday, March 17, 2008


And how about this one (maybe it was too obvious?):

The attackers were the losers of the Middle East—the Islamofascists who hate our freedom, outwitted technologically by free Western rationality, out-gunned by free American military might, and, many fear, ultimately to be overrun by free MacDonald's.

The libruls were the losers of the Marketplace of Ideas--the moonbats who hate America, outwitted intellectually by Patriotic Americans, out-gunned by the No Spin Zone, and, many fear, ultimately to be outnumbered by fertile pro-lifers.

Coming soon to a town near you:

The mobs were the losers of America – the formerly middle-class who seethe with resentment, outwitted commercially by real estate agents and mortgage brokers, out-gunned by the National Guard, and, many fear, ultimately to be outnumbered by Mexican migrants.

Mind you, the fear of being outnumbered by Mexicans is bullshit, but it's definitely there, nonetheless.

The victims were the losers of New Orleans... seething with resentment..

Jesus, when we start defending China...

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