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Friday, March 07, 2008


It must be a measure of my cynicism that I had to read the final paragraph three times to figure out what you were getting at.

(yes, yes....of course there's no change. That's what I was trying to say, Obama's no different, there's no change....waiiiit. Change....isn't that a slogan or something.


That's kind of how it went.

Or a measure of the speed with which I wrote the comment...it could have been a bit clearer. I cheated and improved it somewhat. Thanks for sharing your experience, by the way.

I wonder what other meetings our two leading Dems are having. Is Hillary secretly meeting with the health-insurance industry, to reassure them that all this talk of "reform" is strictly for the rubes, and their profits are safe with her? Hardly seems necessary, does it? That because our corporate elites are in on the joke, and don't need "reassurances." I still wonder why the Canadians do. Maybe a phone call to the head of Kaiser-Permanente would help clear things up for them.

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