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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


"it's still good to see someone with Garlasco's background come to the realization."

it is, but this sort of thing (viz the connection between HRW and the establishment) was part of the reason i dropped my HRW membership. they do excellent research, but they seems to be sympathetic to neoliberal ends. this and the fact that they're supported by multimillionaires and my few spare dollars are more useful elsewhere.

Yeah, I'm never been a big fan of HRW for just that reason. As Helsinki Watch they were essentially a tool of US foreign policy, and as HRW they've been slow to shed that role. During Clinton's Kosovo assault HRW acted as a veritable arm of the US government, issuing reports that seemed tailored to help justify the attack. I've noticed a marked improvement in their output over the past few years (to my surprise)—but that may just be because there's a Republican administration in office.

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