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Monday, February 04, 2008


however, you're still focusing on democrats.

True hope comes from below—not from above.

Exactly. I wrote much the same thing, using only about 800 additional words, here, in response to the "Yes we can" Obama video.

Yes, like a billion other people, I now have a blawg.

petey: That's because this was written specifically for people who are focused on them. I couldn't give a tinker's dam about the Democrats myself, but they're the source of the fog that shrouds the minds of even the most well-intentioned liberals.

Steve: It's about time. And if I actually managed to be pithier than you one time out of 100, I'm happy with that.

"Pithy" is good, right?

If you read it as "precisely meaningful; forceful and brief," yes. If you take it as "consisting of or resembling pith," though, hard to say.

Strikes me as pretty reasonable-- Gravel is the only active candidate I'd give the benefit of the doubt, but needless to say he's like a little sandpiper facing a foul tidal wave of corporate money and self-absorbed democratic voters eager to feel good about themselves by voting for a broad or a black guy.

Broad ?

Who let Damon Runyan in here ?

Uh oh...this kitten's got claws!

Look deep into my eyes, ya' mugs !

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