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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I gather they were planning to do a little "research" on something more than minkes this time, too. Weren't they after something bigger, like humpbacks or Southern Rights?

What also puzzles me is that apparently whalemeat tastes just awful. The British government tried to promote it during World War II and that was probably why they lost the next election.

That was the plan, though Japan apparently dropped it after pressure from other countries.

And from that article I cited:

For all of Japan's success in winning support from other countries for its campaign to ease the restrictions on whaling - especially smaller countries which receive Japanese aid - the Japanese people are losing interest. ...

Whale meat was especially widespread in the difficult years after the Second World War, when it was seen as a cheap source of protein.

But as incomes rose, people switched to imported beef, or fish like tuna and salmon. With such an abundance of high-quality protein available these days, few Japanese see the point in eating whale, which doesn't taste that special.

Which is why the Japanese government is pushing it on schoolchildren (taking a page from the tobacco companies' playbook).

It's like they don't even respect us enough to lie carefully.

I miss the days when politicians would lie to us with care, research, effort, and subtlety. American politicians haven't lied to us like that since, ohhhh, when was it, Jan. 19, 2000.

I believe they were going to kill fifty humpbacks too, but because living humpbacks have been popular with regular humans lately, there was a great outcry, and they agreed to restrict themselves to about a thousand minke and fin whales of other species. Greenpeace etc. tried to convince people that just b/c the humpbacks were saved it didn't mean the fight was over, but most people I think forgot.

John, I'm amazed you remembered my page! I stopped linking to it 'cause it sucks and I didn't want to flog it too hard. My last two comments have been outraged citizens, so I guess I'm doing pretty well.

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