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Friday, November 30, 2007


See, this what really bugs me about Naomi Wolf. She was on Democracy Now this week, plugging her new book about Bush's Ten E-Z Steps to Fascism, and not a word about the people who are busting their asses to keep us from becoming a fascist state. Just, "The Leader does this..." and "The Leader does that..." as if we, the people, are all just spectators.

Maybe there is something in her damn book about the domestic resistance to fascism, but, if so, why not feature that in your 10 minutes on Democracy Now? Implying that we're marching toward fascism with nary a bit of resistance is a lousy organizing tactic. If no one else is resisting, or at least I'm not hearing about anyone else resisting, then why should I stick my neck out? Better to keep quiet and hope the whole thing blows over.

There was a beautiful quote from Ralph Nader in An Unreasonable Man, at the end of the film. He said (half quote, half paraphrase, but I think this is close): "We've become too absolute--we need a better vocabulary. Persisting and persevering, that is what life is all about. Not saying democracy is a myth, but saying that democracy is weak, and we need to make it stronger."

Yes, I remember that quote. It struck me as just the sort of thing you'd hear from Nader, who can point to a lifetime of victories, large and small, against those with vastly more money and power. When you've made General Motors back down, when you've seen people power overcome corporate power, and been a part of it, it changes the way you look at the world. You see possibilities for effective resistance where others see only power running rampant.

Which makes me wonder about Wolf and people like her. Have they never experienced a victory, however small, over the powerful? Never organized a union, never ousted a bad school board, never saved a wetland from a greedy developer? How sad.

Please post a new article. Seeing Orlando Bosch every time I load this page is causing me to cringe uncontrollably....

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