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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Oh yeah? I'm calling my senators today (1-800-352-1897) asking them to cosponsor the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S.594). So there! You're not the only one who gets to engage in futile behavior!

Whenever I ask questions like, howcome we fight one dictator yet heap praise and support on another -- (the royal "we" in this case beginning with Mr. Bollinger and extending by implication to the rest of the United States) -- the more honest of my NeoCon friends are quite up-front in admitting:

Great Empires have always behaved thus, financing and supporting certain ally or stooge countries during convenient times, then later, during inconvenient times, demonizing those same countries and sending Our Boys "over there" to spill their blood facing weapons or armies we recently sold them/paid for.

My friends expect nothing less from a Great Empire, such as we've become. It's all par for the course.

I first started raising that question 6 years ago, wondering when we would have to order our garrisons in the Mideast to take away all the American weapons we have sold to the House of Saud, considering how likely the Saudis would be overthrown by radicals sooner or later. Looks like Pakistan beat the Saudis to it.

'cause after all, when Musharraff falls (the Center cannot hold), it will suddenly overnight become "unacceptable" and "not negotiable" for the radical Islamic regime who replaces him, to possess Pakistan's nuclear weapons.


Looks like there's plenty of futile behavior for us to engage in.

Thomas: I actually have more respect for people who will just admit straight out that the US supports dictators and human rights abusers for no reason other than "national interest" (usually misconstrued, but that's beside the point here). We'll still disagree, but at least their honesty makes it possible for the disagreement to be based on facts rather than posturing. It's far better than debating with people who trade in the propaganda that claims that high moral purpose lies behind our country's every action, and who only become irritated and defensive if you knock down their talking points (the same kind of reaction you get from born-again Christians when you're discussing evolution).

In my experience, the chances of getting a response to a message like this hover somewhere around .067%"

So high? Good letter. Wonder what the cable toadies are saying about the "activist judges" in Pakistan. I can't even bear to listen to find out.

Can I send him a copy of your email too?


Sure, knock yourself out.

He hasn't responded to me yet, but I'm sure that's because he's crafting a careful reply explaining why his respective reactions to Ahmadinejad and Musharraf are in fact entirely consistent.

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