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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Why is it strange that someone hired because they're an ass-kisser actually kisses ass? It would be much stranger if Townsend ended up having a mind of her own.

Bush only hires ass-kissers and whipping boys. Look at Harriet Myers, Josh Bolten, etc.

It's not strange that she'd kiss his ass, of course. It's strange that she'd declare her undying love for his ass, propose marriage to it, sprinkle it with rose petals, have it bronzed, and form a new religion around it. This is light years beyond a standard rectum-bussing--and it seems clear that she's speaking her deepest heart's truth.

Yeah, if she's retiring, she no longer has any reason to kiss ass anyway. She sounds, for lack of a less pejorative term, brainwashed. I guess it's important to understand she has a very different belief system than the one we seem to largely share, but... the fact is... who would you say that about? (This is not a rhetorical question; I am curious who, if anyone, you would answer.) Certainly the world is markedly better for some people having lived, but most ages are not susceptible of elevation, certainly not by one person. Closest I have about anyone today is something like "he's says important things that other people don't realize or won't dare to, and has an amazing tendency to be right."

I guess I'm as mystified as you. This is way beyond 29-percenterhood.

McClellan vindicated of every flaw

(apologies to Saccheri)

Yeah, exactly. I can't think of anyone who truly merits this praise (in all of recorded history, in fact). It's hyperbolic even by the standards of hyperbole. I didn't use "apotheosis" casually.

And she's saying this about George Bush. I'd think that even a completely brainwashed right-winger would reserve praise this effusive for some other empty vessel like Ronald Reagan, at the least.

As for George Washington, he owned and whipped slaves and legalized slavery and committed genocide against the Indians. So Bush is in the same neighborhood as Washington.

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