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Saturday, November 03, 2007


"I suspect that Pakistan's sovereignty is in danger unless timely action is taken."
"Extremists are roaming around freely in the country, and they are not scared of law-enforcement agencies."
"Kindly understand the criticality of the situation in Pakistan and around Pakistan. Pakistan is on the verge of destabilization."
"Inaction at this moment is suicide for Pakistan and I cannot allow this country to commit suicide."

It seems all too familiar.

"US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the declaration of emergency rule was 'highly regrettable.'"

You have to admire his selflessness, don't you? And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the action required of him in order to help Pakistan in its time of need just happens to raise him to a position of supreme power over the country as well.

He'd mah HERO! You have to love a president who looks good in a military uniform and protects a country from its judiciary. Thank goodness the remaining justices have been made to pledge an oath of loyalty! Who knows what they might have done to the country? The more I read about the situation, the lovelier it seems.

Comments on the BBC are, as usual, remarkable. Notable is that many are from Pakistan.
You also have to love Paul Reynolds' article "West faces new Pakistan dilemma." Good we're able to focus on what really matters. Reynolds and Matt Frei consistently piss me off.

By pre-emptively imprisoning his opponents, the President is showing his commitment to non-violence. Putting them in prison now makes it unnecessary to shoot them dead in the streets, as regrettably happened recently in Burma.

That's the spirit!

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