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Friday, October 12, 2007


I too have experienced this from Commondreams and I'm one of their daily readers. It saddens me that they sort to the kind of censorship that many dictatorships around the world have. I can understand being censored for foul language or threats but not for commond posts questioning the author or an articles thought process. Hopefully enough people will complain and CommonDreams will lift its censorship.

A CommonDreams Reader

I was banned from CD apparently for voicing support for Nader. Right now there are angry Zionists advocating killing Palestinian children on their comments section. Are they being banned?

I just wanted to share with you that I was also blocked/censored by commondreams recently (in January 2010). My crime? Not supporting Obama's health bill. And stating that commondreams was complicit in not having single payer healthcare being discussed. I know, they talked about it more recently but back when it would have mattered (a year ago) all the articles were 'support the public option.'

Kind of like how they had all the Nader articles recently, but not when the presidential race was going on. Then it was marginalize Nader, Kucinich, and not even mention Gravel or McKinney.

In short, commondreams oppresses any dissent for the purpose of pushing the democratic/corporate positions to the forefront.

I have to admit it was discouraging, though fairly obvious during the democratic presidential election when there was this blind support of Obama and Hillary, but very little talk of any other candidate. Yes, a few crumbs, but easily overwhelmed by the pro democratic party leadership stance.

I haven't gone back to the site since.

so it goes,
Attila Gyenis

www.NotOneMore.US - The Pledge for Peace and Justice

I too have been banned by Common Dreams... actually more times than I can recount. It became too damn confusing to have to generate a new screen ID and accompanying password every few months... so I just quit. Although they still SPAM several email addresses weekly for $$$ contributions - as if they have overlooked I have been banned on several occasions. It is quite easy to be "disappeared" from CD - you only need be a true left winger rather than the soft Liberal pablum they so worship. I've given them the KMA salutation on several occasions... but they still plead for $$$.

Well, I have been 'nuked' today. Interestingly though in response to the outing of a nasty troll that was allowed to post hundred comments on one thread, while everybody else gets the message to squeeze all responses into one post.
The troll was heavily shilling for Clinton and called anybody critical of Clinton shirt of being total imbeciles. Within hours that one troll had hijacked all threads on 08-07-2016. Others with the same degree of discontent were purged also.
Earlier I had bemoaned to have ever given money to them - obviously for them to turn into another Huffington electronic tabloid leaflet. The ludicrousness of proclaiming to be a 'progressive news & views' outlet is raving. considering the apologia in regards to the subservience of Sanders towards Clinton. Many commenters pointed that out and were inundated with responses by 'progressive readers' that were members "since 08-07-2016"
It now dawns on me that in a very similar fashion Sanders duped his followers to believe that he would go it all for them - to fight the oligarchy (now I am ROTFScreaming)about this hypocrisy that should be reserved to those who receive death threats if they don't end their campaign.
Common Dreams has not always been this Orwellian with every article they publish. The bias and partisanship with the neo-con society is of festering character. Should they have the audacity to ask me for money, I will impolitely and respectlessly recite the glorious Cheney on the house floor - telling a representative to "...go and fuck yourself."

When I was force-logged out today I received the message that my account has been suspended until July 1st, 2153. If I could attach a image, I would attach this screen capture.

Thanks for opening my eyes to the fact that CD has a history of being totalitarian instead of progressive.

"Common Dreams - News & Views by the regressive community."


I dunno, over the past few months, CD has given absolute free reign to those who heap vitriol on the tiny number of us who try to explain that the the fascist Trump phenomenon is something entirely different from Reagan, Romney, McCain, or even GW Bush, and so, for strategic reasons, we need to to consider voting for Hillary, like it or not, in contested states in order to prevent Trump and the savage Tea Party thugs who will fill his administration.

As of the date of this post, if any censorship is going on, it is toward those all those outside the mindless, infantile, "never-Hillary, hey, Trump-is-almost-a-leftist" camp.

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