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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sweet fancy Moses, that's the most faptastic bit of starry-eyed bullshit I've read since TRIBES. I'm in awe.

These warhawks never cease to sicken me. Talk about nuts--"the captive Marine was not among his own"? His father is not "his own"? Words fail to express the madness...

BTW, is this guy a vet himself or just another standard-issue chickenhawk who thinks he's doing his bit for the war by attacking those opposed?

He's an ex-Marine (according to this). As I posted here, when some Marine recruits came up to congratulate him on his theft, Peterson exclaimed "My brothers!" and then proceeded to inform them that "One drop of your blood is worth more than all of theirs, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."

(Note: He didn't actually use the word untermenschen; it was just sort of implied.)

So no, not a chicken hawk, but a shell of a person whose humanity has been completely replaced by his vainglorious visions of martial grandeur. And (as I said) also a coward, since he took the photo surreptitiously and then tried to sneak away without being seen.

Thanks, John. Clears it up.

This guy is clearly brain-fried. Wonder what did it--DU exposure in Gulf War I would be my guess, if I had to hazard one.

Either that, or too much Kool-Aid.

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