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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ahahaha! I will never hear that song the same way again! Thanks!

I had forgotten about that song "On and On." You must be older. I'm so old I forgot about it!

Greenpeace is cool. I was a newspaper reporter in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1985 when one of its boats came to town on a tour aimed at raising consciousness about the pollution in the Great Lakes. Some of us local reporters went out for a cruise with the Greenpeace crew.

Actually a sushi restaurant I frequent plays kitschy remakes of various songs, and "On and On" is on the playlist (but apparently kitschy enough that they play the original version, not a remake). That's where I composed most of the alternative lyrics. I'm old enough to remember the song playing on the radio often when I was a kid, though.

I had a chance to tour the Greenpeace Esperanza a few years ago...very impressive.

That's some good stuff you've got on your blog, BTW.


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