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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


How soon can we get Cheney/Bush to the gallows?

Probably not soon enough, but any step in the above direction would be most welcome.

the small ground assault would be necessary to help the southern arabs secure the borders of their brand new country!

Your observations and statements about the Bush’s administration I believe are a pretty correct reality of what’s happening now in world politics.

What can be done in stopping this war? The United States is a powerful country with lots of people, why aren’t they stopping this war with protesting the streets and demanding change?

The anti-war movement in the US evaporated in 2004, when the majority of activists decided that the best way to end US involvement in Iraq was to support a Democrat who vowed to prosecute the war more viciously than Bush. It still hasn't recovered from that mistake.

There are major protests coming up, though; we'll see what happens now.

Disclaimer: I am not Noam Chomsky.

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