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Sunday, August 05, 2007


...I myself am a proud and absolutely unrepentant Nader voter and expect never to vote for a Democrat again...

There are about six of us left. I think the zombies finally got all the rest, but I'm afraid to put down my rifle long enough to peek between the window boards and look outside.

Ironically, Election 2000 is pretty much an end-of-the-century Woodstock. If everyone who now claims to have voted Nader back then Before Seeing The Light really HAD voted for him, I'm pretty sure the Greens would have gotten their 5% with plenty left over for a fleet of old VW campaign buses. Flower decals optional. :D

Quoth: "...I myself am a proud and absolutely unrepentant Nader voter and expect never to vote for a Democrat again...

"There are about six of us left. [..]"

Seven. And I was 'blogging about it at the time, so screw Kos.

I voted for ralph in '00. I have gotten grief for this. I have to admit that
ralph exaggerated when he said that there wasn't a dime's worth of difference
between the parties.

A quarter. That's about right.

Although I succumbed in '04 to the idea that electing ANY democrat was better than
a continuation of Bush, I will not roll over again in '08.

I now require more than 25c worth of difference.

dcnataro: You're the first (and only) person that I've heard say that they voted for Kerry in 2004, now think it was a mistake, and won't make the same mistake again. Thanks; you've given me genuine hope.

Now if only these people would have the honesty and humility to come to that same conclusion, and to publicize it as well as they did their Kerry/Cobb strategy in 2004....

I actually felt strongly in 2004 that John Kerry needed to lose, and wrote up the reasons why here. Unfortunately he didn't lose decisively enough to have much of a positive effect, so we ended up with the worst of all possible worlds: Bush in the White House, the Greens deeply compromised, the antiwar movement eviscerated, and the Democrats having received no serious blowback for their continued strategy of running to the right.

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