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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thanks for translating - I don't speak Mealy Mouth.

Much better! I'd actually bother to watch TV news if they had that switched on all the time.

Gee, that is just SO clever, that "translation". SO clever and cute. I suppose everyone here is patting themselves on the backs from being able to "see through" Snow's official diplo-speech.

But listen, if giving money and guns to Fatah constitutes "US-financed violence and US-engineered want" then what do you call ALL the rest of the foreign-supplied money and guns that go into Gaza? From EU and Iran and Saudi Arabia and other places? Because Gaza EXISTS off these foreign-supplied contributions. Are they ALL "engineering" the conflict there? Or only the part that comes from the USA?

Oh, I'm sorry. You don't really want to think about this. Just make smug, "clever" riffs. Continue on.

Blue: the Palestinians have been victims of US-financed (Israeli-delivered) violence for a lot longer than the past few months.

As for US-engineered want:

After the election in January ... international donors led by the United States cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority. Israel stopped transferring the tax revenue it collects for the Palestinians, and the Palestinian Authority's monthly income dropped from $150 million to $20 million or less, according to the United Nations.

Since then, the Gaza Strip's economy has been strangled. ... Israel has enforced a blockade, allowing almost no goods to leave Gaza and only limited food supplies to enter. Most industry has shut down. Electricity and water services have been intermittent since Israel bombed the main power station here.

"Gaza is heading down the tubes," said John Ging, director of operations for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA. "We are now down to a subsistence existence. It's down to getting containers of food into here."

This strangulation was the centerpiece of the US/Israeli plan to punish the Palestinians for voting incorrectly in the 2006 parliamentary elections, and to correct this error on their part.

I'd agree that Snow may have been taking a bit too much credit for the US and not allowing enough for Israel.  Then again, it's hard to tell the difference.

So John, are the Palestinians entitled to US aid? Stopping the aid actually constitutes violence in your opinion? I'll be the first to say that US policy towards the Middle East is wrongheaded and counterproductive but to say that the recent violence in Gaza is the fault of who the US gives or does not give aid to is beyond ridiculous, IMO.

The Palestinians should be able to vote for whoever they want to but they cannot expect that government to be supported without question by the West.

Blue has a point of sorts. The Palestinians need their own country, secure borders and water sources, not manipulative and destructively parceled out assistance. Part of the moral dilemma could be easily solved by cutting off aid to the Israeli government, which consistently follows a policy of violent theft and violent repression.

Blue: I'd agree that "stopping the aid actually constitutes violence" makes no sense, but it's also neither what I said nor what I meant.

As for the Palestinians being entitled to US aid, I'd say rather that they're entitled to US reparations, along with Iraqis, Vietnamese, Nicaraguans, and a host of other direct and indirect victims. More to the point of this posting, though, the expected and intended result of the US/Israeli embargo of the Palestinians was "want"--an acceleration of the want that the Palestinians have already suffered at the hands of Israel for years, particularly in Gaza--and so it's beyond cynicism for Tony Snow to feign concern for it.

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