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Sunday, January 01, 2012


You got the wrong century.

Me, I'm waiting for the ancient astronauts to return at the end of 2012, as the Mayan calendar prophesies, and assume their rightful place in control of the planet.

And I've avoided the whole nomenclature hell problem by never actually referring to this decade as an entity at all. I've managed that for 10 years

Happy (well, as much as possible) New Year!

And I've avoided the whole nomenclature hell problem by never actually referring to this decade as an entity at all.

Yep, me too, but that's not avoiding the hell--that is the hell.

Aye, "Lessons" is a superior song. On par with this one:


Oh, I just got the joke. Never mind.

Anyway, I really think a warning is necessary. It's Rush, people. For god's sake, don't click.

That's a good one too, Jack. I first heard "In the End" on All the World's a Stage and it took me a while to get used to the album version when I finally heard it. I've always been partial to Alex playing simple chords on an acoustic (like "Making Memories" from the same era).

I'm with you, Jack, as an observer from a distant down under land. Your thoughts and opinions are like music.

But as a very, very frustrated deaf person (only 6% sensitivity remaining in one ear, with the other one useless) I cannot for the fu__ing life of me understand a single word of Rush's lyrics. Give me the clear, concise diction of Don McLean any day.

Hey, I'm just saying, OK?

I kept trying to persuade people to call them the "owe-ies", because of the massive debt we accumulated via a simultaneous regime of tax cuts and war, but I guess the cutesiness of it repels people.

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