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Sunday, November 27, 2011


That's what experience will do for you. Why spend time screwing around with sanctions and no-fly zones? If she's learned anything over the past decades, it's that you start the two-minute hate early and often. What took Bush months to accomplish before attacking Iraq, Obama managed to do to Gaddafi in weeks. Ambition would require her to reduce that to days (maybe hours if she wanted to show up the Rhodes scholar).

There's a Free Syrian Army that has been posting stuff on Youtube. As far as how free or how army they are, I haven't the foggiest.

Someone please tell Clinton that "eventually" doesn't mean already happening.

When you say one of her happiest days "will be", rather than "would be", you seem to be predicting that Hillary will ascend to the role of Commander in Chief of Killing Foreigners. I think that might happen, and one possible path would be the announcement by Obama that "once is enough" and he will not run for re-election, at some time prior to the Democratic Party Convention.

Let us continue with our own plans, and if they are in accord with destiny we may reap a rich reward.

She was responding to Cuomo's question about what would she do if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons? Where exactly would these weapons come from, since Iran has none?

Catherine: I believe the answer is "From thin air", much like Iraq's WMDs. The attack itself would hardly need to be real either, so long as it was reported by the media.

Ah, "thin air," the answer to everything! Thanks, harpfool. Does your name mean you're crazy for harps, or that you play one?

Both - I be a crazy harmonica player :)

Harpfool: Do you play in an orchestra? Where?

No, I played in an alt-country band called Luckyfool, but am currently just playing informally for fun and trying to write a commercially successful song. :)

I've added my website link to my name here, and you can link from my website to my MySpace page where some tracks are posted. Thanks for your interest Catherine!

Oh, and I'm located just north of Toronto Canada.

[John, thanks for providing a warm place for folks to converse :) ]

There are reptiles with warmer blood than Hillary Clinton. Every time she opens her mouth nothing but fecal matter falls out of it.

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