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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Beyond cheap Palestinian labor Israel has one of those guest worker programs in which people are flown in Gulf State-style to do hard work at rock bottom prices. This seems a key component of starving the P's economically. It's aparthied South Africa meets Kuwait.

"In August, 2003, the International Federation for Human Rights, together with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, reported that approximately 300,000 foreign workers live in Israel, 60 percent of them illegally. Half are from Asia (China, Thailand, the Philippines), 45 percent from Eastern Europe (mainly Romania and Moldovia), and the rest from African and Latin American countries. Of those who have legal work permits, 32,000 work in construction, 40,000 as caregivers to the elderly or disabled, 32,000 in agriculture, 5,000 in industry, 3,000 in service industries, 1,000 in hotels. In 2003, 11,400 women migrant workers entered the country, 38% of the foreign workers entering the work force.

In a survey of 1,400 upper middle-class families in Israel (Ha’aretz, April 9, 2004) 98 percent employed foreign workers without a legal work permit (despite threats of a 10,000-shekel fine!), with 55 percent employed as house cleaners, 32 percent as home builders or renovators, nine percent as movers, two percent as nannies."


To quote the famed philosopher Chris Rock: "That train's never late!"

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