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Friday, December 24, 2010


Hahaha, I love the title!

THANK YOU for pointing out how deeply insulting the "gays in the military yeah!" "progress" is and how it's so cynically a "counter-balance" to everything of substance which continues to be horrible (tax policy, war, global warming non-policy etc.)

But, but...it's the Senate's fault for confirming the guy Obama nominated. Yeah, that's it. End the filibuster! Make 'em filibuster! Filibuster! Or...something. Just click the donate and petition button or else Sarah Palin will put some Big Ag guy in charge of our food safety.

Huh. I thought that requiring the labeling of GMO foods was anti-scientific, based on hysterical irrational fear of the Works of Science.

Well done, BDB! My brand-new Palin Drinking Game is off to a great start!

Don't forget, our fantabulous Dems also pushing the oh-so-special DREAM Act (aka the poverty draft, now with Spanish subtitles!) which will extend the benefits of dying for the glory of the Empire to immigrants now. Oh lucky them...Sadly, the Republicans just couldn't get behind this one, but no doubt the need for more cannon fodder will make them see the light as clearly as their Democratic brethren do.

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