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Monday, May 17, 2010


Obama would never laugh at an Afghan being murdered from the air by our brave troops at Langley. Why doesn't he care about Americans being killed by drones?

I suppose it's possible when someone could conceivably threaten in several years his prepubescent daughters' precious virginity, they become enemy combatants.

When I heard they had okayed a hit on Awlaki, I thought that it meant the playing field had finally been leveled: it was now acceptable to publicly condone assassinations of US citizens too. Clearly I misinterpreted! It's in fact only non-citizens we need to apologize for. So this, for example, is going above and beyond the call of duty.

That clarifies things.

Nailed the fake sincerity.

What a punk.

Didn't this asshole go on record as having idolized The Great Communicator? In that context, it all fits.

maybe obama could just "smart" bomb their music? i'd be cool w/that.

after obama, geedub will only be the 2nd worst POTUS ever.

Also of note, what difference would it make if he truly DOESN'T take it lightly? Who the f--k cares? What good does that do for the killed, maimed, homeless, orphaned? Judas Priest!

With respect, they have us over the barrel. We aren't going to actually do anything about it, what with prison, death and homelessness facing anyone who resists, even peacefully.

They know it.

We know it.

So whimble into the ether and Bubba, Dubya and Barry kill thousands, hundreds of thousands and move on to $50k speaking fees.

"So we whimble..."

For a moment I thought you were instructing me. And I was troubled, because a dictionary search later, I still have no idea how to whimble.

"Whimbling" is street preaching.

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