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Friday, September 11, 2009


I've long thought a combination of preemptive nuclear war and a whimsical experiment with nukes to trigger volcanic eruptions held promise. It's psychotic, and it won't work either, but we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. At least we'd be doing something, unlike the cynical, moral vanity, Nader-hugging, gloom and doom people who insist on unreasonable and quite frankly boring remedies. Plus, we'd be able to see it on television.

You know, you've got a point there; maybe a little nuclear winter is just what we need to solve this problem. Now we just have to choose a suitable target. Having already mentioned a city, I'm happy to stick to that one, though I do think it would only be right to allow all the non-politicians to leave first.

I think you're going to need more than one.

I find myself increasingly unable to care about anything that appears in the news, or even to follow it much. Arguing makes no difference. Writing letters makes no difference. Voting makes no difference. Watching or listening to the idiots on the news makes no difference. Reading blogs makes no difference. All any of it does it depress me.

All I can do, it seems, is try to do the right thing as far as I can, to help those whom I can help, and to forget about the rest of it for the sake of my own sanity, and hope that somehow the overlapped efforts of others doing the same will fill the gaps and do the trick.

Otherwise, yes, we're all doomed.

I've long thought the global warming "debate" a little odd, if not predictable.

Methane 'seeps' are pretty cool but we need a pithy WWF-style smackdown motto to liven things up. I'm thinking:

Nature vs. Man: This Time It's Personal!

I have to say that's pretty much how I feel as well all around, Nomad, though I'm sorry if I've contributed to your sense of futility. My own hope and optimism crested in 2000, when a non-trivial number of people actually seemed to see that the system we've built isn't sustainable...and then it crashed as I watched most of them swear off apostasy forevermore (while proving their sincerity by burning the heretics who refused to come back to the true faith with them). That kind of chance won't come again for decades, and we just don't have that kind of time. And I doubt it's going to get easier to push for progressive change in a world with more drought and famine, huge storms, dwindling fresh water supplies, massive population migrations, riots, resource wars, etc.

john: Nature vs. Man: This Time It's Personal!

I like it. But it's sort of like "Gigantic boulder vs. baby duck: this time it's gravity!", y'know? Possibly amusing to watch, but it's not like there's any suspense about how it's going to turn out.

That sense of futility has done me and a lot of others a world of good. Why waste time with the pointless conventional efforts? I avoid the "news" too, except as rendered appropriately ridiculous by some bloggers I like. As far as I can tell, it (the "news") has followed the same format for the last thirty years; incrementally more idiotic and delusional, perhaps, but the underlying structure is the same.

Meanwhile, some of the things I think hold promise have gained substantial non-party support. A hell of a lot of people are interested in, and participating in, no-till, small scale, aggregate large scale, mutualistic agricultural practices, in community finance and banking, in appropriate technnology -- all the hippy stuff that's been mocked since the sixties.

I reckon we've been doomed for quite some time already -- since the 1990s. The catastrophic refusal to cope sensibly happened a while back. People got on with their lives and salvaging what they could of their environment and there's enough encouragement to keep them at it.

So, yeah, we are well and truly fucked and, hell yeah, we most surely do have all those overlapped efforts. Maybe, just maybe, that will lessen the impact of what's already underway.

John C:

Yes, it is exactly as you say. But perhaps the only remaining suspense is how us puny humans respond. This is, of course, the bigger point and why you see fit to write about these things and why folks like me see fit to respond.

Like Dante said, 'Shit, I'm late for work but will be back here soon.'

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