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Sunday, August 24, 2008


I recall the halcyon days of a few months ago, where people like Digby were crowing about how 85% or whatever of the country thinks we're "on the wrong track", and how that was a sure sign that Obama was going to breeze into the White House.

I recall thinking, "Why would you assume that this nation of lobotomy patients is going to associate their unhappiness with the Republican party as a whole? Why would you assume that they're not just unhappy because they think we're not being allowed to 'win' in Iraq like we weren't allowed to in Vietnam, or because they think the Democrats aren't letting us grab up all that easy, cheap oil off our coastlines that would bring gas prices down to 99 cents a gallon for eternity? Why the fuck would anyone who's been conscious these last few decades overestimate the intelligence of The American People™?"

Sho nuff, the Dems look poised to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory once again. It's really entertaining to watch the true believers invest so heavily in the myth of the noble proletariat, who only stubbornly support Republicans because they've been misled by the media, or they work too hard to pay any attention to politics, or whatever. If only they're exposed to enough facts, they'll come around! They can't even entertain the thought that maybe this nation is just hopelessly stupid, and that as long as they're allowed to look down on gays, Mooslims or darkies, they'll be jes' fine with letting their pockets get picked repeatedly by corporate plutocrats.

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