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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Duuude - if you're ready for the big-league stuff, read some of the threads at Hullabaloo. Primo shit. Jay B. and Grand Moff Texan have been the self-appointed liberal commissars trying to re-educate the nervous herd in the ones I've seen recently. But best of all, in addition to the constant paranoid shrieks about how the Democrats are all being blackmailed (which is why they keep turning into doormats) by whatever Dubya has on them due to his phone tapping, there's a brigade of Hillary dead-enders who keep showing up to claim that she wouldn't have done any of this! She would have fought like Emma Goldman to bring progressive paradise to us!

Anyway, the thing is, there will never be a good time as far as they're concerned to say "Screw this" and start working on an alternative, like a third party. It'll either be a case where, like now, we're under siege! hanging on by a thread! we're going to lose everything we have if we don't rally 'round the party! The world's gonna end if another Republican gets elected, so we can't afford to indulge any Land of Cockaigne fantasies right now, you stupid Naderites!

Of course, even if we did reach a point where the Democrats had established dominance and the Republicans were weak and ineffectual and fighting amongst themselves, that wouldn't be a good time either, because we would need to consolidate our gains and things are pretty good right now, why are you being so unrealistic and imagining that things could ever be perfect, you stupid Naderites!

There will always be another election coming up - The Most Important One Ever Until The Next One - and there will always be some issue that needs to be finessed so that we can't afford to raise hell about yet another sellout or capitulation. Why, if I didn't know better, I'd think that these defenders of the status quo had already decided that anything more radical than lukewarm DLC leftovers is unthinkable, and they're just adjusting the excuses as needed.

There's a recent thread on Pandagon that declares Arthur Silber a wingnut conservative for criticizing Obama's personality cult and alluding to fascism. Numerous people tried to explain, but all for naught. I find myself regretting I wasted my time reading it, but you might find it entertaining. Or not.

...aaaand, over at "Deconstructing Democrats", naturally they have a similar take. I found this line rather quotable:

"He lost me with our 'singular greatness'. I really couldn't read on. Oh, yeah, I know, his defense attorneys -- and they are legion -- will say this is what you have to do in order to be elected. To which I can only respond: In that case, I can't begin to care who gets elected."

"there will never be a good time as far as they're concerned to say "Screw this" and start working on an alternative, like a third party"

true. but i keep hearing about this third party, and what would the platform be? we'd need four or five parties, and that would defeat the chances of a third party. there's already the libertarian party, but it's a laissez-faire party, and many lefties won't vote it. there's already the socialist party, but it's a statist party, and left-libertarians won't vote it, much less righties. so what platform could a third party devise, that would appeal to enough people, to make it a going operation?

Gnome: Actually I did wade through a posting or two's worth of comments at Digby's blog, just out of curiosity (I don't make it a regular habit). That ham and cheese sure was looking good!

She would have fought like Emma Goldman to bring progressive paradise to us!

Now that's some high-quality sarcasm.

Still jamming, apparently.

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