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Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's funny about that whole Armenian thing, because Turkey looks almost harmless!

It's funny about that whole Armenian thing, because Turkey looks almost harmless!

Crap. Tried to go back and ended up resending post-data. Sorry!

No worries. I agree--Turkey does look harmless, doesn't he? Just goes to show.

This is a stale joke about this countries name. In fact you are laughing at your own poor latino-germanic hybrid language. Europeans took this domestic bird from turks and by then it was named something like "Turkey chicken" or "turkey bird" (I am not sure.) Then speakers were lasy and they dropped the word bird or chicken and Turkey remained.. It is simply stupid to laugh at this because it is the country that gave its name to the bird.. not vice versa.. suppose we called hamburgers "USA sandwitch" and then just "USA" and then laughed at your country because it has a sandwitch'es name.. so .. "USA humor"

You've got it all wrong; it's mostly a stale joke about George Bush being pecked in the nuts by a turkey.

Or is it a stale bush - come on January

Whatever it is, you can see that the Turkey is indeed going straight for the Bush. I would have to argue that the country did indeed get its name from the bird. In fact, I heard of the bird before I heard of the country. So, even though the country is giving us the bird, I now give the bird back. This is indeed a stale joke about the country's name though. Did 1.5 Armenians die because of the Turkey's bad sense of humor?

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