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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Careful! It is quite possible to make pig anuses into sausage—which, in turn, is why it is best not to see them being made.

Yep, that was the joke. :-)

Actually there was a bit of thought behind it. On one hand I just thought it was funny because, hey, pig anuses. But on the other hand I've genuinely come to feel wary of Cockburn even when I agree with him, and so in a sense I feel that there's not much difference between his good stuff and his bad stuff except for the appropriateness of the target--which is ultimately just about how an external observer sees it. So the analogy to sausage was quite close.

Shit, I'm an idiot. I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise, though. Thanks for your tolerance.

Dennis Perrin has an interesting posts on the man here. myself, as usual, know nothing. I wonder if reading that sort of thing is sort of the equivalent for me of Entertainment Weekly or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous though, in which case I should cut it out.

Thanks for the pointer; it's interesting to see that Dennis Perrin's direct experience of Cockburn matches my from-a-distance impressions. I sometimes think of Perrin as a Cockburn Jr. in terms of his ability to carve people up with his writing, but the difference is that he does often pull back from his full-on written assaults and recognize the humanity of his targets.

Why are the two associated so specifically in your mind? Surely any number of polemicists can do carving...?

Here's today's: "Shit Sandwich
Open wide, mules. You can deny it all you like, yet, in the end, you'll gladly, happily, take a big, heaping bite. [Clinton campaign video follows.]"

Maybe the truce is over?

I've seen very few "progressives" take his arguments not to support the (D)s as anything but a personal attack. The question is what, if anything, would work.

They're associated for me because I found their style of attack similar--apparently with good cause, since Perrin says he worshiped at Cockburn's altar.

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